CVC Philosophy

Canyon View Capital’s investment philosophy is based on the sound fundamentals of “Value Investing.”  Instead of targeting “hot markets,” where overbuilding can cause escalating prices, CVC focuses on acquiring large apartment complexes in the Midsouth/Midwest region of the United States, where steady jobs and a strong tourism industry make for stable returns and high, consistent occupancy rates. With a strong background in accounting and taxation, the CVC management team has developed a solid real estate portfolio, built for stability and long term growth.

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Canyon View Capital is committed to successful, long-term ownership and management of our $400+ Million worth of multifamily real estate in America’s Heartland and providing superior returns for all stakeholders through our real estate investment funds.

Our employee “owner-mindset” philosophy, 6 key core values, and tax-deferred funds set us apart from other investment firms. These have allowed our long-term, value investing strategy to provide consistent, stable returns for our members throughout the last 15+ years.

The CVC Management Team has been helping families plan their future, increase their purchasing power, and enjoy their retirement for over 40 years. Our employees are the key to our success and we provide a superior employee benefits plan for all long-term, career-minded employees.

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