Canyon View Capital’s rich history is replete with solid expertise in real estate syndication, limited partnerships, certified public accounting, tax planning and auditing, and property management. CVC’s founder and CEO, Robert (Bob) Davidson began his CPA career in the 1970s as an auditor for what is now known as KPMG. He continued to apply his fiduciary mindset and focus on “value investing” throughout the past 40+ years, leveraging his initial accounting experience, particularly that of auditing tax shelters.

When they say, “local boy done good” Bob Davidson often comes to mind.  Bob started his own full-service bookkeeping and CPA firm in 1972. In the decades that ensued, he realized his clients, with limited resources at their disposal, had difficulty optimizing his investment advice. This revelation inspired the transition from “recommending investments” to acquiring and managing real estate investments for the benefit of his clients who became investors.

The formation of Canyon View Capital (CVC) in 2012 was actually an outgrowth of myRetirementASSETS (mRA), one of the LLCs Bob formed with his former CPA clients to purchase properties through exchanges and other LLCs. mRA (incorporated in 2001) purchased its first multifamily property in 2005 and by 2012, when mRA became Canyon View Capital, the firm had acquired 1434 units. Canyon View Properties (CVP) is our wholly-owned property management team in the Midwest and Midsouth and solely manages CVC-owned properties.

By 2019, CVC has a loyal and growing network of more than 350+ small-business owners, high-net-worth individuals, and families inspired to plan and retire comfortably. CVC currently owns 6,000+ apartment units and manages more than $1 Billion worth of multifamily real estate with 100+ employees in California and across four U.S. heartland states.

By increasing the human capital of CVC and CVP teams annually, we now have 100+ bright, high-energy, devoted, and reliable team members – and have realized consistent growth year over year with a steady flow of new investment funds. Additionally, we have enhanced our technology with award-winning, state-of-the-art real estate financing software to achieve scalable systems throughout our organization, connecting our properties with the corporate office.

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