Bob & Lee Johnson, investors since 2013Dale & Becky Riddle, Investors since 2011Chris & Megan Grenier, investors since 2008Carol Fuller, investor since the beginning

Dale & Becky Riddle, Investors since 2011

“We have been observing the development of CVC since 2008, and have been active investors since 2011.  We have found Canyon View Capital to be easy to communicate with are very responsive to our questions and requests for information.  The single issue that we feel makes the philosophy and management of CVC above that of…
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Chris & Megan Grenier, investors since 2008

“I have known Bob for almost 40 years. He was a regular patron at a restaurant I worked at the time. It was simple – Bob became a trusted friend, as he did with many who are still investors with him. We bicycle together and for years we have spoken of his passion for boating,…
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Carol Fuller, investor since the beginning

"In 1975, a friend of mine referred me to Bob Davidson as I needed a good CPA/bookkeeping service for my small business.  I immediately liked Bob and he inspired confidence. Over the years, he put together some limited partnerships (now LLCs) in commercial buildings and I invested some of my modest savings in these projects. …
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