Carol Fuller, investor since the beginning

"In 1975, a friend of mine referred me to Bob Davidson as I needed a good CPA/bookkeeping service for my small business.  I immediately liked Bob and he inspired confidence. Over the years, he put together some limited partnerships (now LLCs) in commercial buildings and I invested some of my modest savings in these projects.  Then Bob discovered Multifamily in the Midwest and the rest is “good” history.  My modest funds have grown beyond my imagination and the advice Bob has given on all my financial investments has served me quite well.  Many of his early CPA clients (and family) became investors of Canyon View Capital -  I think that is a good indication of the faith people have had in Bob. Hard not to become friends with Bob Davidson, he is one of those honest, trustworthy people and he has hired the same type of people to help run the organization.  The one concern that I and others had was what would happen at CVC if Bob should no longer be able to lead the fund -  who would run the business and manage my money? He took these concerns seriously and pursued hiring a team to carry on the business should he not be able to do so.  Both Gary Rauscher and Alison Ruday are competent leaders whom I have come to trust in their ability to lead the organization and the funds, and appreciate their integrity and care for the investors.  They both bring different, but needed, skills to the business with Gary being a CPA (like Bob) and understanding the financial/tax aspect of the business and Alison having the corporate, interpersonal and leadership skills.  They are a good team.  All my questions are always answered timely, honestly, and professionally.  I have had the benefit of watching the firm and funds expand and the hiccups that come with growth.   That growth has allowed staff to be added with more specialized skills which benefits all the investors.  I feel confident CVC is well run and will continue in this manner for many years to come."

Carol Fuller, investor since the beginning, Retired January 15, 2017

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