Best 1031 Exchange Investments for Investors: Pros and Cons of Each

A table that lists the best 1031 exchange investments such as multifamily properties, single-family properties, commercial properties, agricultural properties, REITs, and DSTs, in that order

At some point in their real estate journey, investors often contemplate a change from their current property. It could be due to the desire to reinvest in more promising areas, deal with troublesome property issues, or simply seek relief from the burdens of property management. Amidst the prospect of paying capital gains taxes upon selling […]

Self-Directed IRA for Flipping Real Estate: Is It a Good Idea?

Using a self-directed IRA for flipping real estate could bring profits but carries a significant amount of risks. Learn more.

In recent years, a common investment strategy called “house flipping” has captured the public eye. House flipping involves buying a cheap property that requires improvements, making those improvements to add value, and then selling the house at a higher price for profit. It may sound great on paper; however, if it were this simple to […]