CVC Philosophy

Canyon View Capital’s investment philosophy is based on the sound fundamentals of “Value Investing.”  Instead of targeting “hot markets,” where overbuilding can cause escalating prices, CVC focuses on acquiring large apartment complexes in the Midsouth/Midwest region of the United States, where steady jobs and strong tourism industry make for stable returns and high, consistent occupancy rates. With a strong background in accounting and taxation, the CVC management team has developed a solid real estate portfolio, built for stability and long term growth.

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Canyon View Capital successfully manages, owns, and operates over $1 Billion worth of multifamily real estate assets in America’s Heartland providing stable and superior returns for all stakeholders through our real estate funds.


Our Canyon View team members make a difference every day with their relentless pursuit of best practices throughout the organization across every platform. We are only as good as our people – and we have incredible people at Canyon View.


Creating the true “WIN-WIN-WIN” – this is what we strive for every day. Everyone deserves a place to live, work, and thrive. Everyone wants to feel a part of something that is helping others at their core. Canyon View Capital offers the path for thousands of people to experience one or more of these every day. We provide affordable housing to our residents, a career path and ownership to our team members, and “Feel Good-Sleep at Night” funds to our investors.

At the end of the day…everyone wins!

That’s WHY we do what we do – every day.

A Good General Partner

Being a good general partner is at the heart of doing good business in real estate.  CVC is a good general partner for our investors because we are rooted in five core values that have been passed on and continually improved by all our team members.

Canyon View’s Five Core Values:

Honesty & Integrity

Being “of integrity” means you can rely on what you hear from us – even if we have difficult news to share. Being a company of our word is a fundamental part of our organization and is weaved into everything we do. Honesty is how we operate daily with our team and with our investors.  We have found it is easier, to be honest. Anything else simply feels uncomfortable.


For those who have invested in real estate, they know that patience is a key factor in experiencing the real value of their investment.  CVC is a patient investor.  We practice patience with our employees and our investors every day.  We know that making a large investment in a private firm can feel risky, especially when we first meet with a new investor.  We are in it for the long haul, therefore, no need to rush.  We treat every investor individually as each has their own needs and goals for their investments. Patience may be a virtue for some but for the CVC team, it is a standard operating procedure.


Having a “moral compass” in today’s world is essential to develop the level of trust required between a firm and those investing in it.  From the very beginning, this has been a part of our company.  Our CEO, Bob Davidson, has been a trusted advisor for every client who has walked in our doors from the time he began his book-keeping service back in the early ’70s to what we have built today at Canyon View.  Every team member adheres to this same principle in the core of who they are.  If one is not trustworthy, they won’t last at Canyon View.  It is simply who we are, and we are quite proud of this vital aspect of our business!

Owner’s Mindset/Fiduciary Minded

When people invest in Canyon View, we know they are entrusting us with their hard-earned money and essentially, we “work for them.”  Taking care of our investors’ nest egg is the critical daily task of every team member.  By having an “owner’s mindset” embedded throughout our organization, our entire team is focused on maximizing fund results through managing expenses while creating and maintaining desirable places for our tenants to live and call home.

Long -Term Value Investing

The bedrock of our corporate strategy is the concept of “value investing.” We impart a long-term view when acquiring a property.  We create long-term, positive cash flow by maintaining our properties for both our tenants and team members.  Our investors benefit from this strategy as it creates the stable, consistent fund returns without the hype and volatility of the stock market.   We acquire properties in warmer markets that are not heavily impacted by the swings during economic downturns.  Value investing is not flipping – it is building a relationship with the property like the relationships we build with our investors, employees, and tenants. Value investing gives our investors peace of mind – and we believe they appreciate this.

One final thought – an important one for investors.

Bob Davidson has always been a forward thinker.  To preserve the future of CVC, he decided the best thing for both investors and team members alike, was to leave the firm to those who have cared for and helped build Canyon View Capital throughout the years to what it is today.  Therefore, through the Davidson Founder's Trust, he is leaving his legacy (CVC) to the key team members who have proven, through 5 years more of service, they feel the same way about the firm and our investors as he does.  Bob has always been an outside of the box problem solver. He believes in our team members as much as he believes in what they have helped him create. The Davidson Founder’s Trust is one of the many benefits that continue the WIN-WIN-WIN aspect of our Mission for investors, team members, and tenants.

At no cost to the investors, they can be assured the team who is managing their investment today, is focused on the long-term success of the entire firm with the "owner’s mindset" that sets us apart from other real estate investments.

One more reason that by aligning with Canyon View, you are becoming a part of the family.