Words of Appreciation for Canyon View Capital

It’s important to know who is managing your investments and who is investing along with you. Click on the tabs below to hear from fellow investors and our team members.

With over 300+ investors, we are honored when they share their experiences with CVC. Many of our investors have been friends or CPA clients of our CEO, Bob Davidson for over 40 years. Read below to learn more about why they chose Canyon View Capital.

CVC Investor Appreciation

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“When it comes to investing and financial advice there are loads of companies that talk a good game, but CVC made it happen at a velocity that exceeded my expectations. In two short years, they have educated me, coached me, and given me the confidence to invest my life savings with them - knowing it is being looked after as if it were their own personal funds.  The predictability and consistency in performance has enabled me to follow my path to a secure retirement without the worry of stock market fluctuations or risky financial institution choices. I have peace of mind knowing that my financial future is in experienced, trustworthy, and safe hands.”

CJ P, investor since 2015, Consultant January 15, 2017

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"In 1975, a friend of mine referred me to Bob Davidson as I needed a good CPA/bookkeeping service for my small business.  I immediately liked Bob and he inspired confidence. Over the years, he put together some limited partnerships (now LLCs) in commercial buildings and I invested some of my modest savings in these projects.  Then Bob discovered Multifamily in the Midwest and the rest is “good” history.  My modest funds have grown beyond my imagination and the advice Bob has given on all my financial investments has served me quite well.  Many of his early CPA clients (and family) became investors of Canyon View Capital -  I think that is a good indication of the faith people have had in Bob. Hard not to become friends with Bob Davidson, he is one of those honest, trustworthy people and he has hired the same type of people to help run the organization.  The one concern that I and others had was what would happen at CVC if Bob should no longer be able to lead the fund -  who would run the business and manage my money? He took these concerns seriously and pursued hiring a team to carry on the business should he not be able to do so.  Gary Rauscher is a competent leader whom I have come to trust in his ability to lead the organization and the funds, and appreciate his integrity and care for the investors.  All my questions are always answered timely, honestly, and professionally.  I have had the benefit of watching the firm and funds expand and the hiccups that come with growth.   That growth has allowed staff to be added with more specialized skills which benefit all the investors.  I feel confident CVC is well run and will continue in this manner for many years to come."

Carol Fuller, investor since the beginning, Retired January 15, 2017

“I have known Bob for almost 40 years. He was a regular patron at a restaurant I worked at the time. It was simple – Bob became a trusted friend, as he did with many who are still investors with him. We bicycle together and for years we have spoken of his passion for boating, flying, and traveling and his love of Real Estate.  I knew nothing about Real Estate but Bob became my entrusted finance advisor and CPA.  Over the years, his trustworthiness, ethics, diverse knowledge, and willingness to explain the more complex aspects of real estate finance made it a natural decision for my wife and I to invest with him when he started the initial investments that now make up Canyon View Capital. He has instilled these qualities in everyone at CVC.  I have become friends with both Gary and Alison and always feel welcome, respected, and cared for by this team. They are honest and transparent- even when the information is not always glowing.  All my questions are answered and phone calls/emails are always responded to by the CVC team.  When I transitioned from the restaurant business into medicine, I continued to follow Bob’s recommendations and his plan.  When he “retired” from the CPA business his partner Derek Fohs took over and I have been just as happy with his advice as my CPA for many years – another great display of Bob’s ability to find and foster good, solid, smart people in his businesses.  Everything was going great.  Then 2008 hit and everyone took a hit.  Bob made it right after years of staying the course and creating what is now a highly successful investment firm, CVC.  As I get closer to my retirement, I feel confident of who is handling my funds and knowing the team he has assembled to run the organization foster the same ideals and values Bob built the company on.  Bob has never wavered from the guy I knew many years ago.  I have always trusted he and his team as ethical and working hard for the betterment of CVC – their investors and employees. It has been a great friendship and investment decision for us.”

Chris & Megan Grenier, investors since 2008 March 15, 2017

“We have been observing the development of CVC since 2008, and have been active investors since 2011.  We have found Canyon View Capital to be easy to communicate with are very responsive to our questions and requests for information.  The single issue that we feel makes the philosophy and management of CVC above that of other investments we have had, is their ability to focus and build on their strengths.  The benefits to be realized from repeating successful property acquisitions and operations management are obvious.  The main focal point for us comes in building predictability and security in our retirement vehicle. We realize every investment carries some degree of risk, but something as basic as supplying a roof over your customers head seems pretty low risk. The Midwest/Midsouth area of the country is foreign to most west coast folks from a real estate perspective but CVC understood early on the opportunity that existed there, then built their entire investment strategy around that area -  we have benefited from their foresight.”

Dale & Becky Riddle, Investors since 2011 April 15, 2017

“Investing with CVC has been the most satisfying experience we have had in years. Their entire staff is knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to serving their investors.”

Bob & Lee Johnson, investors since 2013, Retired May 15, 2017

A company is only as good as their team members. Canyon View Capital (CVC) and Canyon View Properties (CVP) employ 100+ talented individuals. Their impact extends to our investors and residents, as well as their families and communities.  We appreciate their hard work and owner’s mindset – it is truly what sets us apart from other firms in our industry.  Read below to learn more about our team members’ experience working at CVC and CVP.

CVC/CVP Employee Appreciation

"You know your job is great when you look forward to Corporate visits! A positive aura surrounds Gary, Bob, Eric and Nikki - that type of impact cannot be done with words alone. Canyon View Properties (CVP) has been an amazing company to be a part of. I truly feel fortunate and proud to a part of this growing company. I’ve gained more skills and great experiences from the CVP family, not only locally but throughout entire company.  CVP continuously shows generosity to their employees. The recent “All Employee” meeting was highly anticipated but we had no idea the announcement would leave the room speechless. Our Founder, Bob Davidson, presented his “gift” to all employees - sharing his empire with the employees was the most kind and generous act I’ve witnessed.   Words can’t express my admiration for CVC Management team.   It’s a great feeling to know your hard work and dedication is noticed and appreciated."

Michelle Johann, Property Manager, Woodlake Village, Independence, MO June 16, 2017

I have been with Canyon View since 2016 and enjoy all the benefits they provide their employees, including healthcare and a bonus plan. Recently, we have an all-employee corporate meeting and the founder introduced a new Employee Benefit plan that made me realize how much Canyon View truly cares about their employees. The company has a real “family/team/owner mindset” and encourages us to support one another every day making our region the very best it can be.  I look forward to being a part of Canyon View’s future and am grateful to be a part of this company.”

Brandon Robinson, Regional Manager, Kansas City, MO / Mission, KS August 21, 2017

“I love Canyon View Properties for many reasons. They really show and share their appreciation for their employees and strives to help us become more successful every day.  Together, we have created a positive work environment and Canyon View’s compassion for their employees was highlighted recently when representatives from the corporate office visited each region and personally presented a new employee benefits program. The owner and founder of CVC personally set up a retirement program for our future and in return, he asked us to maintain the company’s core values everyday while managing our job duties.  This shows respect, trust, and confidence in our team and instills those same principles I have in myself already today. Whether it is a personal concern or a bigger property issue, I feel I can talk to our management team to seek a solution to help. We are treated respect, rewarding pay, solid knowledge, and resources, and now a great benefits program.   If feels so great to be part of a company that relates to their employees and wants you to see who they are – and to see who you are. You’re not just another face in a company making them money, you are part of a team that strives for success through integrity and compassion. “

Cody Hayes, Property Manager, Silverwood Apartments, Employee of the Quarter Q1 2017 August 21, 2017

“I love working for this company because they not only care about their properties but also value their employees and have made sure we are taken care of. Our CEO recently “vested us” and this really shows how much the Company cares about everyone. This will make a big difference in my life personally and I know our investors will benefit from highly motivated employees.  Thank you so much to CVC/CVP for “investing” in us.”

Charlotte Jones, Property Manager, Cottages at Ft. Smith, employee 2008-2019 (retired) August 21, 2017