University Park Apartments

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1025 S. Donaghey Avenue
Conway, AR 72034

Acquisition Date: 7/8/2016
Property Type: 160 Apartments
Property Manager/Leasing Agent: Karen Smith
Phone: 501-764-0699

With the success of our two other properties located near universities (Chamberland Square and Garden Park), we have the expertise that allows us to understand, operate and market this type of property very well.  With University Park, we are expanding the tenant base with new marketing and advertising campaigns designed to target families and non-student residents to supplement the traditional tenant base.  Of course, the proximity of this property to the University assures that the majority of residents will continue to be students.  The unique aspect of this property is that it was previously owned by a developer who had not intended to own it for 7+ years.  Therefore, the deferred maintenance and lack of proper management present a great opportunity for CVC to make an instant positive impact for residents.

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