Portfolio 4

  • 60 West Apartment Community

    60 West Apartment Community

    3443 E. Old Stone Avenue
    Brookline, MO 65619

    Acquisition Date: 6/25/2021
    Property Type: 110 Apartments / 10 Retail Spaces
    Property Manager/Leasing Agent: Sarah Abercrombie

    60 West Apartment Community …

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  • Chamberland Square

    Chamberland Square

    3127 Jewell Road
    Fayetteville, AR 72701

    Acquisition Date: 6/3/2014
    Property Type: 96 Apartments
    Property Manager/Leasing Agent: TBD
    Phone: 479-575-0400

    Chamberland Square Apartments is conveniently located just off I-49 and Wedington …

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  • Crossing at Thornton Ferry

    Crossing at Thornton Ferry

    164 Thornton Ferry Road
    Hot Springs, AR 72756

    Acquisition Date: 9/25/2008
    Property Type: 110 Apartments
    Property Manager/Leasing Agent: Mary Bolls
    Phone: 501-767-5570

    The Crossing at Thornton Ferry property is located …

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  • Excelsior Gardens

    Excelsior Gardens

    1582 South 14th Avenue
    Ozark, MO 65721

    Acquisition Date: 1/13/2017
    Property Type: 104 Apartments
    Property Manager/Leasing Agent: Angel Lattaro
    Phone: 417-581-9741
    Website: www.excelsiorgardensapts.com

    Excelsior Gardens is our first property in …

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  • Fairfield Village

    Fairfield Village

    3038 West Deerfield Street
    Springfield, MO 65807

    Acquisition Date: 8/26/2016
    Property Type: 184 Apartments
    Property Manager/Leasing Agent: Thomas Brewer
    Phone: 417-887-8864
    Website: www.fairfieldvillageapts.com

    We have had our eye on …

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  • Garden Park Apartments

    Garden Park Apartments

    1225 W. Mount Comfort Road
    Fayetteville, AR 72703

    Acquisition Date: 2/24/2016
    Property Type: 246 Apartments
    Property Manager/Leasing Agent: Lori Davies
    Phone: 479-521-5900

    The success of our Chamberland Square property and …

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  • Glenwood Townhomes

    Glenwood Townhomes

    1225 Cumulus Drive
    Conway, AR  72034

    Acquisition Date: 06/01/18
    Property Type: 74 Apartments
    Property Manager/Leasing Agent: Karen Smith

    Nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood, Glenwood Townhomes offers an …

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  • Golden Pond Apartments

    Golden Pond Apartments

    3030 W. Kingsley D101
    Springfield, MO 65807

    Acquisition Date: 3/15/2007
    Property Type: 612 Apartments
    Property Manager/Leasing Agent: McCayla Brede
    Phone: 417-886-4200
    Website: www.goldenpondapts.com

    The Golden Pond property is located in …

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  • Kensington Park Apartments & The Lodges at Kensington Park

    Kensington Park Apartments & The Lo

    1735 W Bennett St
    Springfield, MO 65807

    Acquisition Date: 8/31/2020
    Property Type: 354 Apartments
    Property Manager/Leasing Agent: Monique Steding
    Phone: 417-866-9300

    Kensington Park Apartments has 258 units & The Lodges …

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  • Mountain Ranch Apartments

    Mountain Ranch Apartments

    549 N Coral Loop,
    Fayetteville, AR 72704

    Acquisition Date: 4/23/2021
    Property Type: 350 Units
    Property Manager/Leasing Agent: Britney Brierly
    Phone: 479-439-8224

    Luxury Apartment Living In Fayetteville, Arkansas. Among lush greenery, …

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  • Old Stone

    Old Stone

    3246 E. Old Stone Avenue
    Brookline, MO 65619

    Acquisition Date: 11/8/2007
    Property Type: 384 Apartments
    Property Manager/Leasing Agent: Heather Richards
    Phone: 417-891-9708
    Website: www.oldstoneapts.com

    The Old Stone property is located …

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  • Park Place Apartments

    Park Place Apartments

    3040 West Farm Road 164
    Springfield, MO 65807

    Acquisition Date: 8/31/2012
    Property Type: 152 Apartments
    Property Manager/Leasing Agent: Thomas Brewer
    Phone: 417-887-8864
    Website: www.parkplaceinfo.com

    Built in 1992, Park Place is …

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