Tonya Dempsay

Regional Property Manager

Kansas City, MO/Mission, KS, (8 properties, 1589 units)

Tonya joined Canyon View Properties in February 2019 as a Regional Property Manager and is responsible for the daily and overall operations of all the Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri regions.

Tonya has 30 + years of Property Management experience. Her Property Management path began in 1989 in Palm Desert, California as a Leasing Consultant.  In the early 90’s she moved back to the Midwest and continued the same path through the years as an Assistant Manager, Property Manager, Multi-Site Property Manager, Regional Support and Regional Manager.  Just prior to coming to Canyon View, she was a General Manager of 5 years for a high-end Cooperative/HOA on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri overseeing operations for 87 separate owners, 9 Board of Directors, and Signature Property Management Company; as well as facilitated and supervised Capital Expenditure Projects in excess of $4,000,000.  Prior to that, Tonya worked as Regional Support/Multi Sites for Missouri, Kansas, and Texas regions.  For 10 years, Tonya was a Regional Manager for the George W. Miller company.   Tonya has experience in Section 8, tax credits, and conventional properties. She has been instrumental in training LIHTC (Kansas), Fair Housing, Marketing, and OSHA/EPA throughout her career.