Chris & Megan Grenier, investors since 2008

March 15, 2017

“I have known Bob for almost 40 years. He was a regular patron at a restaurant I worked at the time. It was simple – Bob became a trusted friend, as he did with many who are still investors with him. We bicycle together and for years we have spoken of his passion for boating, flying, and traveling and his love of Real Estate.  I knew nothing about Real Estate but Bob became my entrusted finance advisor and CPA.  Over the years, his trustworthiness, ethics, diverse knowledge, and willingness to explain the more complex aspects of real estate finance made it a natural decision for my wife and I to invest with him when he started the initial investments that now make up Canyon View Capital. He has instilled these qualities in everyone at CVC.  I have become friends with both Gary and Alison and always feel welcome, respected, and cared for by this team. They are honest and transparent- even when the information is not always glowing.  All my questions are answered and phone calls/emails are always responded to by the CVC team.  When I transitioned from the restaurant business into medicine, I continued to follow Bob’s recommendations and his plan.  When he “retired” from the CPA business his partner Derek Fohs took over and I have been just as happy with his advice as my CPA for many years – another great display of Bob’s ability to find and foster good, solid, smart people in his businesses.  Everything was going great.  Then 2008 hit and everyone took a hit.  Bob made it right after years of staying the course and creating what is now a highly successful investment firm, CVC.  As I get closer to my retirement, I feel confident of who is handling my funds and knowing the team he has assembled to run the organization foster the same ideals and values Bob built the company on.  Bob has never wavered from the guy I knew many years ago.  I have always trusted he and his team as ethical and working hard for the betterment of CVC – their investors and employees. It has been a great friendship and investment decision for us.”

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