Cody Hayes, Property Manager, Silverwood Apartments

August 21, 2017

“I love Canyon View Properties for many reasons. They really show and share their appreciation for their employees and strives to help us become more successful every day.  Together, we have created a positive work environment and Canyon View’s compassion for their employees was highlighted recently when representatives from the corporate office visited each region and personally presented a new employee benefits program. The owner and founder of CVC personally set up a retirement program for our future and in return, he asked us to maintain the company’s core values everyday while managing our job duties.  This shows respect, trust, and confidence in our team and instills those same principles I have in myself already today. Whether it is a personal concern or a bigger property issue, I feel I can talk to our management team to seek a solution to help. We are treated respect, rewarding pay, solid knowledge, and resources, and now a great benefits program.   If feels so great to be part of a company that relates to their employees and wants you to see who they are – and to see who you are. You’re not just another face in a company making them money, you are part of a team that strives for success through integrity and compassion. “

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