Dale & Becky Riddle, Investors since 2011

April 15, 2017

“We have been observing the development of CVC since 2008, and have been active investors since 2011.  We have found Canyon View Capital to be easy to communicate with are very responsive to our questions and requests for information.  The single issue that we feel makes the philosophy and management of CVC above that of other investments we have had, is their ability to focus and build on their strengths.  The benefits to be realized from repeating successful property acquisitions and operations management are obvious.  The main focal point for us comes in building predictability and security in our retirement vehicle. We realize every investment carries some degree of risk, but something as basic as supplying a roof over your customers head seems pretty low risk. The Midwest/Midsouth area of the country is foreign to most west coast folks from a real estate perspective but CVC understood early on the opportunity that existed there, then built their entire investment strategy around that area -  we have benefited from their foresight.”

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