Michelle Johann, Property Manager, Woodlake Village, Independence, MO

June 16, 2017

"You know your job is great when you look forward to Corporate visits! A positive aura surrounds Gary, Bob, Eric and Nikki - that type of impact cannot be done with words alone. Canyon View Properties (CVP) has been an amazing company to be a part of. I truly feel fortunate and proud to a part of this growing company. I’ve gained more skills and great experiences from the CVP family, not only locally but throughout entire company.  CVP continuously shows generosity to their employees. The recent “All Employee” meeting was highly anticipated but we had no idea the announcement would leave the room speechless. Our Founder, Bob Davidson, presented his “gift” to all employees - sharing his empire with the employees was the most kind and generous act I’ve witnessed.   Words can’t express my admiration for CVC Management team.   It’s a great feeling to know your hard work and dedication is noticed and appreciated."

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