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Welcome To Canyon View Capital
Solid Properties, Tax-Advantaged Funds

Canyon View Capital, a privately held Santa Cruz, CA corporation, owns, manages, and operates $700 Million of multifamily real estate in America’s heartland. Over the past 30 years, the CVC management team has shared its wisdom and expertise in value investing, leverage, compounded interest, and tax-advantaged funds with their investors. They’ve helped countless families plan for their future, increase their purchasing power, enjoy their retirement, and realize steady, stable returns.

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Why Choose Canyon View Capital?


Whether you are looking for a greater return and higher stability from your IRA, or focused on off-setting passive income through a stable investment in multifamily real estate, Canyon View Capital offers strategic, steady, and sound investment options. Even during the years of our country’s most serious economic downturn, Canyon View Capital delivered returns that far surpassed traditional investment vehicles.

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Tax Savings

Unlike a traditional Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), investment with Canyon View Capital—a privately held Santa Cruz, CA corporation—offers a superior solution for accredited investors to assist in off-setting taxable passive income and solid returns with its tax-deferred Balanced Fund option.

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Stock Market Alternative

A balanced portfolio includes real estate. Multifamily properties—especially in America’s heartland in the Midwest and Midsouth—are among the most stable, tax-advantaged investments you can make, while consistently delivering a more secure, reliable, and attractive rate of return. Canyon View Capital makes this possible for accredited investors without the hassle of being a property manager.

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Solid Investment Portfolio

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Ways to Invest

The CVC Balanced Fund is a growth fund for investors seeking tax advantages, passive loss to off-set passive income and moderate investment income. Learn more.

The CVC Income Fund provides a higher rate of return than most savings accounts with relative liquidity and is available for all IRAs/SEPs/ROTHs. Learn more.

CVC 1031 Exchange Program enables investors to defer gains on investment-property sales. Learn more.


“I love working for this company because they not only care about their properties but also value their employees and have made sure we are taken care of. Our CEO recently “vested us” and this really shows how much the Company cares about everyone. This will make a big difference in my life personally and Continue Reading

Charlotte Jones, Property Manager, Cottages at Ft. Smith, employee 2008-2019 (retired) August 21, 2017