1031 Exchange vs. Opportunity Zone Fund: Pros and Cons of Each

A table displaying the potential benefits of value investing in real estate including property appreciation, cash flow, diversification, safety and stability, tax deductions and tax deferral tools, and long-term wealth accumulation.

Investors continually seek ways to enhance their investment strategies and capitalize on available opportunities. In the realm of real estate investment, two prevalent methods that can potentially enhance investment prospects are 1031 exchanges and Opportunity Zone Funds. While these investment tools do share commonalities, their distinct contrasts indicate that choosing a straightforward path between the […]

Multifamily Investing Made Simple: The Steps to Success

A table showing the steps of multifamily investing from 1 to 8

Real estate investing can benefit the portfolios of investors of all ranks and experience levels. In real estate investing, investors should consider a few options. One of these options is multifamily investing, or purchasing properties designed to house multiple living units within a single building or complex, instead of single-family investing, which involves utilizing traditional […]

Extension on 1031 Exchange: Info Investors Need to Know

An investor and tax professional calculate the information necessary to commence an extension on the 1031 exchange

Suppose you’re one of the many wise investors looking to commence or have already engaged in a 1031 exchange. If that’s the case, you’ve already made the first step toward reinvesting some serious cash from your investment property sale. Whether it’s to upgrade a property, spread risk by diversifying their real estate portfolio, or move […]

Pros and Cons of a 1031 Exchange for Investors

A table that compares the pros and cons of a 1031 exchange.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already investing in real estate. It makes sense; real estate investing can bring many benefits to investment portfolios. However, you might be ready to move on from a specific investment property—maybe you’re tired of dealing with a problematic property, or perhaps you want to invest in other regions. […]

1031 Exchange Tax Benefits Investors Should Know

A table listing the many 1031 exchange tax benefits available to investors.

Real estate investors and property managers understand the appeal of passive income and the possibility of long-term wealth accumulation that can come with real estate investments. However, when it’s time to sell an investment property, the burden of capital gains taxes can put a damper on your finances, potentially depriving you of as much as […]

1031 Exchange Holding Period Explained for Investors

A 1031 exchange holding period is vital to the process

So — you’ve decided to seize the opportunity and enjoy the benefits of a 1031 exchange! Or maybe you’re still gathering information before making that leap. After all, why wouldn’t you take advantage of a tax break that lets you defer capital gains taxes, potentially into perpetuity? While 1031 exchanges are a great way to […]

Alternatives to 1031 Exchange: A Comparison for Investors

Many property managers who invest in real estate have come to realize the numerous benefits it offers. However, certain circumstances, like shifting investment goals, property upgrades, or a need to limit liability may prompt them to sell their property. Regardless of the reason, this decision is often accompanied by the daunting realization they have to […]

1031 Exchange Benefits: Comparing Alternatives

When it comes to real estate investing, navigating a path to financial growth requires a broad understanding of the diverse tools and strategies at your disposal. Among these, the 1031 exchange stands out as a game-changing tax deferment strategy that could amplify your profitability when selling an investment property. Imagine this: you’re considering selling an […]

1031 Exchange California Rules Investors Should Know

As a real estate investor, you know that selling a property is a big decision. Maybe you’re ready to move on from a long-held property or looking for a new opportunity in a different area. Whatever the case, a downside to selling an investment property is the capital gains taxes that come with it. But […]