Investment Options

Canyon View Capital offers three distinct real estate investment options to help you reach your diverse and personalized financial goals. With Canyon View Capital, incorporating multifamily real estate in your portfolio is both easy and financially rewarding.  Our consistent and stable returns make our funds popular for accredited investors looking for alternatives to equity investments. See below for more on our two fund options and 1031 Exchange Program.

Please Contact Canyon View Capital for fund performance comparisons and advice on how to best leverage your individual investment strategy for your long-term benefit. Verification of accreditation status is required prior to receiving any performance information.  Click here to determine whether you qualify for accredited status.

Click on any of the gold bars below to learn more about each individual investment option.

Our CVC Balanced Fund is a growth fund for investors seeking tax advantages and moderate investment income. This diversified fund is invested in all properties owned by Canyon View Capital and provides relative liquidity. For those seeking passive losses to off-set any passive income (i.e., income received from rental/investment properties or royalties), the CVC Balanced Fund is an ideal investment choice. To learn more, contact CVC Investor Relations.
Our CVC Income Fund was designed especially for IRAs/ROTHs/SEPs but is also a cash investment fund. Consistent and steady rates of return make this fund popular for those who no longer enjoy riding the volatility wave of the equities market with their retirement funds, but instead prefer higher rates of return over money market funds or bonds. This fully taxable fund is treated as interest income. To learn more, contact CVC Investor Relations.
Our 1031 Exchange Program allows our investors to defer the gain on the sale of their investment property by rolling the proceeds into one of our investments as a Tenant in Common.  These funds are tax-deferred by transferring your tax basis from your investment property into one of our properties. We favor multifamily properties as they are always in high demand – even during a recession or a pandemic. One can expect a high occupancy rate especially when the property is in a strategic location. Multi-Family properties are a more cost-efficient investment and relatively risk-free. Because foreclosure rates are generally lower on multifamily properties, mortgage interest rates are also lower.

Some of the benefits of investing with Canyon View Capital:

  • CVC will guide you through the process that your replacement property is identified within the 45- day time frame. We will also commit that the replacement property is purchased within the 180-day window of your sale.
  • CVC will form a single-member Limited Liability Company, (LLC) on your behalf.
  • Each CVC property has on-site management and maintenance personnel, all employed by Canyon View Properties, (CVP), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CVC.
  • CVC plans to refinance the replacement property after two years.

We provide several exit options that include the following:

  • Remain as a TIC for the long run
  • Once CVC moves into a long-term institutional loan, you will most likely be required to go through an underwriting process with the lender. You will be a part of the loan guarantee and be required to stay in the property for (typically) 10 years.
  • Invest in another 1031 exchange property of your choosing
  • Exchange the TIC interest for an interest in another CVC property, if available
  • Sell your TIC interest (taxable event)
  • Contribute your TIC interest into the CVC Balanced Fund, LLC -
  • You will have liquidity as you will have the ability to access your principal and take 6% - 8% distributions on an ongoing basis.
  • As an Investor, you will receive audited financial statements
  • You will be an Investor in all of Canyon view Capital’s properties

Please contact Shirley Hennessey, Director of Corporate Compliance, for more information.