Fairfield Village

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3038 West Deerfield Street
Springfield, MO 65807

Acquisition Date: 8/26/2016
Property Type: 184 Apartments
Property Manager/Leasing Agent: Thomas Brewer
Phone: 417-887-8864
Website: fairfieldvillageapts.com

We have had our eye on this property since 2012 when we purchased the property directly across the street, Park Place. With the large townhouse layout and design, these units have the potential to rent for the same or more than Park Place, yet they are currently renting for much less.  For many reasons, this mispriced property was an ideal choice for the CVC portfolio.  Additionally, we have cost savings opportunities through labor sharing with our Park Place property management team.  CVC is always working toward ways to reduce expenses and do a better job utilizing our economies of scale for the benefit of our investors.

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