Glenwood Townhomes

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1225 Cumulus Drive
Conway, AR  72034

Acquisition Date: 06/01/18
Property Type: 74 Apartments
Property Manager/Leasing Agent: Karen Smith

Nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood, Glenwood Townhomes offers an alternative to apartment living.  Each spacious townhome offers open concept living with bedrooms located on the second floor. All townhomes are furnished with all appliances including washer and dryers.

Located just 25 minutes from Little Rock, Conway offers a strong community spirit, is home to THREE Universities and is one of the top five fastest growing cities in Arkansas.

Conway is among the most diverse economies in the US and enjoys low unemployment and is fueled by an extremely educated workplace.  With a fast-growing technology sector, Conway is poised for future growth.

July 2021 CVC has acquired 28 more units in the Glenwood Townhomes subdivision. Making the total number of units at this property 74.

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