About Us

From the corporate team to each property team in our portfolio, all Canyon View Capital and Canyon View Properties team members are dedicated to delivering value to you, our investors. We demonstrate an “owner mindset” in everything we do. Highly responsive to immediate needs while focusing on long-term investment returns, CVC is committed to a value investing acquisition strategy, an enviable tax-deferred fund option, and working for the benefit of our stakeholders. We thrive in an environment of honesty, transparency, and continuous learning--personally and professionally.

Many of our 350+ investors have known our CEO, Bob Davidson, for more than 35 years – we think this speaks volumes about the leadership of our organization.  They have helped us become who we are today and they continue to help us improve daily. As part of our long-term corporate development planning, the values from which CVC was established are imparted to each team member to ensure fluidity of overall fund management, investments, and acquisitions strategy.

The CVC Leadership team personifies our founding philosophy while continuously leveraging new technologies and systems to streamline daily operations in the field and within the corporate office. CVC attracts and retains superior talent, maintains a lean organizational structure, and offers a high-tech, high-touch client service engagement with our investors.

CVC is a privately held Santa Cruz, CA corporation that owns, manages, and operates $1 Billion worth of multifamily real estate in the heartland of America for the benefit of its members. CVC funds have provided consistent, superior returns for 15+ years. Through a combination of value investing, leverage, compounded interest, and tax-advantaged funds, the CVC management team has been helping families plan their future, increase their purchasing power, and enjoy their retirement for more than 40 years.

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