1031 Exchange From California to Another State: How It Works

Example of a 1031 exchange

While investing can be a rewarding experience, venturing into new financial waters can bring on feelings of anxiety. Despite the learning curve, most investors still want some kind of reassurance that they’re making the best moves — especially when you have so many options. Another concern of financial ventures is the fact that at some […]

Using a 1031 Exchange on a Primary Residence, Simplified

Using a 1031 exchange on a primary residence is illustrated by a couple shaking hands with a real estate agent while closing the sale of their house.

Anyone who has managed or sold real estate properties is keenly aware of at least one of life’s few guarantees: taxes. Whether you make a record-breaking return or a modest profit, the Internal Revenue Service inevitably appears to collect the government’s cut. Some savvy property owners, however, have discovered the benefits of using a 1031 […]

401K Real Estate Investment Options to Consider Today

401K Real Estate Investment

Like many generations of Americans, you’ve probably been told how important it is to save for the future. As fewer contemporary employers offer pension benefits to employees, investing in a trusty 401(k) fund has become one of the most common methods for putting money aside. While these, along with other retirement-focused savings accounts1, have historically […]