Tax Benefits of Multifamily Investing You Need to Know

table outlining the tax benefits of multifamily investing

Real estate investing is considered by many to be an excellent addition to an investor’s portfolio1. However, there are many avenues you can take when looking to invest; multifamily investing is one. While many investors will leap at the chance of earning income from multiple tenants in a single location, there is also a bevy […]

Self-Directed IRA Alternative Investments: Information for Investors

real estate, private placements, precious metals, promissory notes, stocks and bonds, and cryptocurrency

Investors seeking more agency over where their money is invested often turn to self-directed IRAs. These IRAs offer significantly more investment control and diverse investment vehicles than other IRA types, benefiting individuals who want a more comprehensive array of investment options. Broadly speaking, self-directed IRAs have many factors that set them apart from other IRA […]

Multifamily Investing Criteria for Investors

A table that positions the largest real estate regions [Midsouth, Midwest, East Coast, and West Coast] next to various criteria to consider when investing in real estate in said regions such as weather and environment, economic factors, cost of living, job market, and rental demand.

Multifamily investing has become an increasingly popular real estate investment option for investors over the last few years. From Jan. to Sep. 2022, multifamily investing accounted for $64.2 billion in investment volume1. Despite a ~30% decline in 2023, multifamily investing remains the largest recipient of capital in the real estate market, and some experts project […]

Best 1031 Exchange Investments for Investors: Pros and Cons of Each

A table that lists the best 1031 exchange investments such as multifamily properties, single-family properties, commercial properties, agricultural properties, REITs, and DSTs, in that order

At some point in their real estate journey, investors often contemplate a change from their current property. It could be due to the desire to reinvest in more promising areas, deal with troublesome property issues, or simply seek relief from the burdens of property management. Amidst the prospect of paying capital gains taxes upon selling […]

Self-Directed IRA for Flipping Real Estate: Is It a Good Idea?

Using a self-directed IRA for flipping real estate could bring profits but carries a significant amount of risks. Learn more.

In recent years, a common investment strategy called “house flipping” has captured the public eye. House flipping involves buying a cheap property that requires improvements, making those improvements to add value, and then selling the house at a higher price for profit. It may sound great on paper; however, if it were this simple to […]

Passive Multifamily Investing: Unlocking Truly Passive Cash Flow

A table that details the responsibilities associated with multifamily investing that investors will need to consider when not taking advantage of a passive multifamily investment option.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just getting started, the idea of having a source of income that doesn’t require a significant time investment may be enticing. While real estate can be a hugely beneficial investment option, it often involves a lot of hands-on management that can be quite time-consuming. While multifamily investing is no […]

Self-Directed IRA Real Estate Pros and Cons for Investors

A table that compares self-directed IRA real estate pros and cons

Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) have long been popular among investors seeking a straightforward approach to saving for retirement or investing in conventional assets like stocks and bonds. Yet, traditional IRAs have restrictions that can limit your investment options and narrow your financial ambitions. But there’s also a particular type of IRA that gives investors even […]

How Much Does a 1031 Exchange Cost?

A table displaying the associated costs of a 1031 exchange including QI fees, EAT fees, escrow and closing costs, legal and professional fees, financing and loan fees, property inspection and appraisal fees, capital gains taxes, opportunity costs, and other miscellaneous fees

Many investors decide to venture into real estate, as it can be very profitable. However, whatever the reason, sometimes you need to move on from a specific property. Unfortunately, you can expect to owe capital gains taxes when you sell an investment property. Many savvy investors realize that 1031 exchanges can be a massive boon […]

What Is Required for a 1031 Exchange to Be Valid? A Guide for Investors

A timeline of a 1031 exchange noting the factors necessary for a 1031 exchange to be valid.

If you plan on selling an investment property but are concerned about paying up to 30% of your sales proceeds as capital gains tax, a 1031 exchange may be the best solution. A 1031 exchange is a tool savvy investors use to defer the capital gains taxes on selling their investment properties. By taking the […]

Self-Directed IRA for Real Estate Investment: Why Investors Should Consider It

A table laying out the benefits of using a self-directed IRA for real estate investments

While many investors may know that retirement savings accounts such as individual retirement accounts (IRAs) can be hugely beneficial for accumulating funds for the future, they may not be aware that there is a world of other investment options available to them. In this article, I will explain how investors like you can utilize sources […]