What Are the Tax Benefits of Investing in Real Estate? A Guide for Investors

After learning the tax benefits of investing in real estate, a real estate investor holds and flaunts the keys to a newly purchased multifamily property.

Interested in diversifying your investment portfolio beyond retirement accounts? Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned investor, navigating the myriad of investment options available can be overwhelming. From stocks to cryptocurrency, the choices are vast. But let’s focus on one alternative: real estate. Discover how real estate investments can enhance your financial well-being, with a […]

1031 Exchange Into Opportunity Zone

A table comparing the characteristics of 1031 exchanges and opportunity zones

Investors are always looking for ways to get a leg up and enhance their investment strategy, and real estate investors are no different. Fortunately, there are many tools and tactics that real estate investors can utilize to do just that by deferring taxes, mitigating risk, and increasing returns. Two of these strategies are 1031 exchanges […]

Value Investing in Real Estate: What It Is and How It Can Benefit Investors

A table displaying the potential benefits of value investing in real estate including property appreciation, cash flow, diversification, safety and stability, tax deductions and tax deferral tools, and long-term wealth accumulation.

Real estate can be an enticing investment opportunity due to its potential benefits. But like any avenue for investment, different philosophies and strategies can be applied to obtain specific goals and objectives. One such strategy is value investing—which is often used for stocks but can be beneficial in real estate investing as well. In this […]

Self-Directed IRA Private Investments: Is Real Estate the Best Option?

A table that compares some of the most popular self-directed IRA private investment options, including Real Estate, Priv. Placements, Precious Metals, Promissory Notes, and Cryptocurrency.

Many investors lean on their savings accounts to provide a nest egg for their future. Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are a great way to save for the golden years. However, many potential investment options are outside your reach when utilizing a standard IRA. You’ll have to open a self-directed IRA if you want to invest […]

Tax Benefits of Multifamily Investing You Need to Know

table outlining the tax benefits of multifamily investing

Real estate investing is considered by many to be an excellent addition to an investor’s portfolio1. However, there are many avenues you can take when looking to invest; multifamily investing is one. While many investors will leap at the chance of earning income from multiple tenants in a single location, there is also a bevy […]

Multifamily Investing 2023: Important Considerations

Knowing the benefits of multifamily investing 2023, investors look over an investment property.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a newcomer testing the waters, you’re probably already aware of some of the benefits the real estate market can offer. It’s not uncommon for real estate investors to start out with Single Family Rentals that bring passive returns. But what about another option? Multifamily real estate offers an exciting […]

Self-Directed IRAs for Real Estate Investing: Get a Head Start on Stable Gains

A table explaining the differences between a traditional IRA and a self-directed IRA

As an investor, it’s natural to worry about what might happen to your assets over time. While familiar options, like stocks, bonds, and 401(k)s are popular choices for investing in the future, many people ignore the potential of real estate investments because they assume they don’t have the available funds to get started. If this […]

401K Real Estate Investment Rules

A table juxtaposing the pros and cons of 401(k)s vs. IRAs.

A common concern for many Americans progressing through their careers is how to prepare for the transition from actively working to “retired” — emotionally and financially. If you’re one of the millions of people with an employer-sponsored retirement plan, you’re probably wondering if you’ve saved enough — and may be curious about the returns you’re […]

Using a 401K for Investment Property: A How-To

Alt text: A table juxtaposing 401(k)s vs. Self-Directed IRAs.

Most Americans state that building wealth for the future is a major career goal. This ethos of “working to live” instead of “living to work” prompts many folks to start setting capital aside for a comfortable retirement. While not many want to work forever, most people do look forward to living well, especially in their […]